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Pork Chipolata - Pasture Fed Gluten and Preservative Free (500g)

Free-Range Pasture Fed

  • Pasture Fed Pork, Gluten Free, No Added Hormones, Antibiotic Free.
  • An amazingly simple, yet flavour packed sausage. Chipolatas are small breakfast sized sausages that cook in the blink of an eye. We take our heritage bred pasture fed pork and mix it with a few simple ingredients, then encase them in the freshest quality native casings available.

  •  Price per kilo (kg)  $26.95
    Pack Weight Range  Between 500g to 550g
     Serving Size  Approx 14 per pack
     Free Range  Yes
     Gluten Free  Yes
     Storage Conditions  Refrigerated below 4 degrees Celcius
     Packaging  Tray Packed and Wrapped
  • Cook over a low to medium heat until cooked to your liking turning sausages every couple of minutes.