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Organic Grass Fed Lamb

All of our organic, grass fed and grass finished lamb is sourced off local Western Australian farmers. The Organic Biodynamic Meat Co-Op of WA was formed to help small farmers of amazing quality meat sell their produce and achieve above market returns. They produce healthy organic meat with organic certification from paddock to plate. The meat is not only certified organic or certified biodynamic (depending on season / availability), but it is premium MSA graded meat - meaning superb eating quality, tenderness and flavour. The flavour of organic lamb from the lush, green pastured of South West WA cannot be matched. Lambs are bred to the perfect size for maximum quality and taste : 20kg to 24kg, not oversized as is common in the industry to improve yield but reduce quality. Breeds currently used include Wiltshire and Dorper. Organic Certification is attached to each carcasse we buy and available on request.