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Nitrate and Sugar Free - Free Range Ham (200g)

Free Range Pork

  • Nitrate Free. Free Range, No Added Hormones, Antibiotic Free.
  • Our Mondo Free range leg of pork has been cured and smoked using Organic Lake Salt, Filtered Water, Rosemary, Bay leaves, Juniper Berries, pepper & coriander to produce ham that is free of artificial nitrates and preservatives. 

  • Please note that the meat will not be a bright pink due to the absence of artificial nitrates. Instead it will present as a pale pink colour which will change to a natural grey or brown once exposed to air. This ham will also have more of a pork flavour rather than a ham flavour.
  •  Price per kilo (kg)  $36.00
     Pack Weight Range  Approx 200g
     Serving Size  1
     Free Range  Yes
     Gluten Free  Yes
     Ingredients  Free Range Pork, Purified Water, Organic Lake Salt, Celery Salt, Rosemary, Juniper Berries
     Packaging  Vacuum Packed