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Lamb - Value Pack FAMILY (6kg)

Organic & Biodynamic Meats Coop of WA

  • Certified Organic or Biodynamic. 100% Grass Fed, Gluten & Preservative Free, No Added Hormones, Antibiotic Free.
  • Can't decide what you want? How about our 6kg Family Value Pack, with just enough for everyone.

  •  1kg ( 2 x 500g ) packs  Organic Lamb Mince
     1kg ( 2 x 500g ) packs  Organic Gluten Free Lamb Sausages
     1kg ( 2 x 500g ) packs  Organic Diced Lamb
     1kg ( 2 x 500g ) packs  Organic Lamb Ribs
     1kg ( 1 x 1 to 1.2kg) pack  Organic Lamb Shoulder Roast
     1.4kg ( 2 x 700g ) bag  Organic Lamb Shanks
  • Ingredients

    Lamb (85%), Bio Binder (Tapioca Starch, Salt, Soy Flour, Acidity Regulator [331], Herbs and Spices, Sugar, Dehydrated Vegetable, Antioxidant [300], Vegetable Extract, Fermented Red Rice)

    Allergen Status

    Contains Soy, Onion and Garlic