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Beef - Roast (1kg, 2kg & 3kg)

Organic & Biodynamic Meats Coop of WA

  • Certified Organic or Biodynamic. 100% Grass Fed, Gluten & Preservative Free, No Added Hormones, Antibiotic Free.
  • We use either the blade or the topside for our amazing roasts. Cut to the size you choose, and tied nicely for even cooking. 

  •  Price per kilo (kg)

     Price per kg is dependant on size

    $24.95 for 1kg

    $23.95 for 2kg

    $22.95 for 3kg

     Pack Weight Range  1kg, 2kg or 3kg
     Serving Size

     1kg serves 3-4ppl

    2kg serves 6-8ppl

    3kg serves 10-12ppl

     Certified Organic  Yes
     Gluten Free  Yes
     Storage Conditions  Refrigerated below 4 degrees Celsius
     Packaging  Vacuum packed
  • Roast in a 180 degree oven for 20minutes regardless of weight, plus 20 minutes per 500g to take your roast to medium rare.