Pasture Fed - Free Range Pork


Know where your food is sourced?

At Ruby’s Organics we seek out producers who are as committed to providing the highest standards in meat quality and ethical production as we are. As certified organic pork is very rare in WA (and Australia as a whole) along with low supplies, we offer free range pastured Berkshire pork.

Locally raised and truly free range, our Berkshire cross pigs are produced my farmer Bryan Hickman in Manjimup WA. Our pigs live outdoors in lush, green tree lined paddocks with access to shelter across the farm. During the day they are encouraged to forage for roots and grasses and every evening they are given access to a nutritious mix of oats and barley. You will be happy to know that our pigs are raised in a low stress, natural environment and are very healthy. The result is tender, rich and exceptionally tasting pork.

We hope you enjoy our pork as much as we do!





Why Ruby's Organics?

There are 3 types of pig farming systems that exist in Australia today. 1. Indoor System 2. Outdoor bred System 3. Free Range System.

Most conventional pork products sold in Australia today (supermarkets and many retail butchers), come from pigs that are farmed according to the Indoor system, meaning all pigs are housed indoors for each stage of their production cycle. This system makes up around 90% of the pork industry and is sometimes labelled as an intensive factory farming system. The pigs and piglets are kept indoors on concrete slabs with minimal space for the entire duration of their lives. Pigs are moved between different sheds depending on the stage of production. A farrowing shed is used when sows are giving birth and lactating. This means the mother pigs are kept in sow stalls and farrowing crates which are metal cages only slightly larger than the pig itself. These cages are used to restrict movement during the pig’s pregnancy and birth. Although The Australian Pork Industry is working towards phasing out “sow stalls”, pigs to this day, remain the most poorly treated animal in Australia.





Our System - Free Range

In Australian approximately 5% of Sows are considered free range, and you will be happy to know that this is they system to which our pigs are raised under.

What are the guidelines for Pasture Fed or Free-Range Pork?

In free range pig production, all pigs are kept outdoors all the time with access to shelter that has suitable bedding provided. In free range systems all paddocks must be rotated with a crop-forage pasture phase before pigs can be returned to the paddock. This assists in managing nutrient build up and restore soil structure.