Organic Fruits and Vegetable Boxes

At Ruby's Organics, we offer organic seasonal fruit & vegetable boxes on a weekly basis for our regular customers. Seasonal mixed boxes are a convenient way to receive a large range of organic produce at an affordable price, as they provide a variety of the most abundant & affordable fruit & vegetables for the week. As organic produce is fresh and of season, the contents of the boxes will change on a regular basis and will contain what is grown naturally at this time of the year 


Know where your food is sourced.

Our fruit and vegetables are sourced from a co-op of small local farmers within Western Australia, which gives our supplier one of the largest ranges of Organic Fruit & Vegetables in the state. We are and always will be big supporters of local farmers and growers. 

Please note: Although we will always source local produce first; this may not always be possible with fruit and vegetables due to lack of supply.  If the option to support other Organic farmers around Australia arises due to the shortage from our own State, we have decided that this will be our way forward in this area.  We will let you know when a product has not been sourced from WA, and give you the option to substitute this with something else that is local. 







Seasonal Availability

Our Organic produce is seasonally grown, which means it is harvested when naturally ripened and fully developed. It also means that not all items are available at all times like conventional supermarkets. As items are sourced mainly from local farmers within WA, there is no need to freeze or import produce from overseas like your conventional supermarket. Its picked and delivered fresh.

Due to the various climates throughout Australia, we are fortunate enough to be able to stock a range of ‘staple’ items almost all the year round. Onions, potatoes, bananas and leafy greens are just a few examples.

Summer Fruit & Vegetables include: Beans, Capsicums, Corn, Cucumbers, Leafy Greens, Tomato's, Zucchinis, Bananas, Strawberries, Mangoes, Melons and more....

Winter Fruit & Vegetables include: Cauliflower, Leak, Potatoes, Pumpkin, Apples, Citrus, Pears and more....




Ordering days and cutoff times

To guarantee an order for the week, we ask that you place your order for our fruit and vegetable boxes by Sunday 6pm. Our fruit and vegetables are picked fresh on Wednesdays and delivered to our supplier who then packs the boxes on the same day. We do have a few boxes pre-ordered for the week, which you will be able to purchase on Mondays as well, however these sell out very quickly. Delivery for all our produce including meat and eggs are from Wednesday through to Friday. 





Our seasonal boxes will be delivered in a recycled paper lined produce box. To reduce our carbon footprint, its important to re-use the materials that are available. Please note: occasionally items (wet items that are washed before delivery such as vegies) will be packed in plastic bags. These are biodegradable bags OR bags that have come wrapped around produce we receive. They will be placed on top of the box. Alternatively, you can request your order to be packed in a foam esky or a fresh box, please contact us before ordering online.