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Pasture Fed Free- Range Pork

At Ruby’s Organics we seek out producers who are as committed to providing the highest standards in meat quality and ethical production as we are. As certified organic pork is very rare in WA and the supply is low, we now offer free range, pastured Berkshire pork. Locally raised and truly free range, our Berkshire cross pigs are produced my farmer Bryan Hickman in Manjmup WA. Our pigs live outdoors in lush, green tree lined paddocks. During the day they are encouraged to forage for roots and grasses and every evening they are given access to a nutritious mix of oats and barley.You will be happy to know that our pigs are raised in a low stress, natural environment and are very healthy. The result is tender, rich and exceptionally tasting pork.

We hope you enjoy our pork as much as we do!