DELIVERY DAYS ARE THURSDAY & FRIDAY ! All orders placed after Wednesday 10pm will be delivered the following week!

WA Pasture Fed Eggs (Sustainable)

Little Farm Eggs

  • NO FIXED HEN SHEDS, NO CAGES, ACCESS TO PASTURE 24/7, and our girls lay when they are Happy!
  • Little Farm Eggs delivers sustainable and quality eggs straight from their hens which spend all day foraging through pasture!

  •  Price per dozen or   carton

    LGE Eggs - $8.00 doz, $18.50 tray of 30 

    Extra Eggs - $9.00 doz, $21.00 tray of 30 (Not available)

     Egg Size Large or Extra Large
     Serving Size Our eggs come in a tray of 30, or a carton of 12 (dozen). 
     Storage Conditions  Our eggs are delivered fresh from the farm on a weekly basis. They have a shelf life of 4 weeks. 
     Packaging  Carton